Fastener Pre-Coated adhesives

Tec-Bond° 200 Series Threadlock Coating

The Tec-Bond 200 series of threadlocking.

Tec-Bond° P Series Threadlock Coating

The Tec-Bond 200 series of threadlocking

Tec-Seal Threadseal Coating

Tec-Seal is a resilient & durable sealant for fasteners and components..

Tec-Lok 100 Series Nylon Patch

Tec-Lock series of products are well known family of Nylon Patch locking


Vibra-Stop is a unique and flexible formulae for use on fasteners

Tec-U Seal

Tec-U Seal pre-applied fastener sealant is a seating material for under head encapsulation

Tec-Tak Series

Tec-Tak is a pre-applied heat curing adhesive designed to hold fasteners and hardware

Tec-Stay Series

The Tec-Stay series of pre-applied fastener and component

Tec-Flon Series

The Tec-Flon series are a group of materials specially designed for fasteners..

Tec-Eize (Anti-Seize)

Tec-Eize thread lubricants are specially formulated for fasteners and components