What's New

Loxeal 3460/ Loxeal 3461

Especially developed to bond low surface energy substrates such as PP/ PE/ HDPE..

Loxeal CR-1

Cynoacrylate remover.To clean cured Cynoacrylate adhesive & to debond parts..

Loxeal CR-5

Low odour, low volatile solvent used to detach and remove Silicones, MS Polymers ..

WhiteOn PN2

An extremely high density wiping cloth knitted from ultra fine nylon & polyester microfibers,

Loxeal 59-30

Loxeal 59-30 RTV 200ml, now available in a self dispensing cartridge packing and nozzle.


A powerful vibration-damping coating for both metal and plastic fasteners


Used to protect lead free valves during soldering or brazing job..