About Us

What does Distribution mean? And how does it create value for an end user in the market place? This was the question we asked ourselves when Elixir was founded in March-2011.

The fact remains then and even now is “it is quite difficult to find a true industrial distributor operating around”. We started out answering these questions by working closely with our customers and helping them

  • Save valuable time
  • Simplify supply chain
  • make their product more reliable, and
  • In reducing cost

Our first products were a wide range of adhesives and sealants from Loxeal engineering adhesives, Italy and we realized how much benefit we could bring to our customers just by being close to them and understanding their real needs. We saw tremendous response to our philosophy in the first year and slowly and steadily we brought to India, Industrial Markers from La-Co France, Speciality Lubricants from Oil Center-USA, Pre-Coated Adhesives from Tectorius-USA and Self-labelled Engineering Wipes from China. Distribution Partnerships also followed in India with Kimberly Clark and Norma Group. By 2015 we were already sourcing goods from around a dozen countries and servicing over 150 customers in India. We are just beginning to answer the questions originally asked.

Right now in the Year 2017, Elixir-India is located in all the major Industrial towns in the country directly and is represented by its qualified Engineers dedicated to raise the bar in Distribution and Supply Chain. We are building capabilities in global supply chain, application engineering and market reach and are still asking ourselves “How do we create value for our end users?”

With only six years since our inception, our next plan is much more exciting and challenging. New Technologies will drive growth for our customers and for us but we are sure to be asking the same set of questions even then!


  • To be the most value added partner to the Indian engineering industry
  • Set new benchmark in distribution and supply chain
  • Provide end to end engineering solutions through applications
    knowledge and process know-how