Kleenguard A-70

Designed to move with you, offering protection in environments where contact with hazardous chemicals are present

IDEAL FOR USE when workers may come into contact with hazardous chemicals, as in:

  • Hazardous waste remediation
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Petrochemical/oil refining
  • Acid/caustic handling
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Tank cleaning
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

KleenGuard* A70 is 1.5 mil polyethylenecoated fabric resistant to many water-based liquids, greases and oils, and liquid chemical splashes. Protection with exceptional comfort is why 75% of industrial workers preferred KleenGuard* A70 over the leading brand for fit and productivity.

  • Wick-away lining for enhanced comfort
  • Liquid-resistant, extra-long zipper
  • Taped, sealable zipper flap
  • Reflex* Coverall Design offers excellent fit and freedom of movement
  • Seamless front for more
  • protection in the primary exposure area
  • Bound seams
  • Passes NFPA 99 for antistatic materials

KleenGuard* A70 Apparel Fabric Liquid Chemical Resistance Test

Chemicals ASTM F1001 Liquid Penetration ASTM F903 Vapor Permeation ASTM F739
  Test Duration: 60 mins.
Saturation Exposure
Breakthrough (min.)
Rate (μg/cm2/min)
Acetone Pass Immediate 7.9
Acetonitrile Pass Kleenguard Immediate 8.97
Carbon Disulfide Pass Kleenguard Immediate 76.3
Dichloromethane Pass Kleenguard Immediate 85.1
Diethylamine Pass Kleenguard Immediate High
n,n-Dimethylformamide Pass Immediate 2.54
Ethyl Acetate Pass Immediate 40.3
n-Hexane Pass Immediate High
Methanol Pass Immediate 1.71
Nitrobenzene Pass Immediate 97.4
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) Pass >480 Not detected
Sulfuric Acid (98%) Pass >480 Not detected
Tetrachloroethylene Pass Immediate High
Tetrahydrofuran Pass Immediate 32.8
Toluene Pass Kleenguard Immediate High

KleenguardWARNING: Fabric passes penetration testing; however, the chemical is a known or suspected carcinogen or skin absorbed toxin.