Light Curing Adhesives

UV light curable adhesives polymerise in seconds by irradiation with UV and visible light, forming a solid adhesive film not yellowing over time. Designed to bond glass, crystal, metals and some plastics.

Operating temperature range between -50°C and +120°C.

A non-drip gel formulation is available for vertical applications.

Product Name Viscosity (+25°C mPa s) Curing Time (in seconds) Tensile Strength N/mm² Description light-curing-adhesives
light-curing-adhesives   30-11 200-300 6-55 - ISO 10993 approved for bonding of plastics like PC, ABS, PVC in medical devices. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-12 200-400 6-30 - Very Fluid, for plastic bonding, fast and strong on PC and PMMA. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-14 1000-2000 120-240 - Specifically developed for PMMA bonding. TDS
  30-20 2200-2900 6-10 10-14 Medium viscosity, fast curing, designed for crystal figures, decorative objects. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-21 600-1300 8-15 10-14 Low viscosity, for glass furniture, tough, for bonding on edges, plain glass and metals. TDS
  30-22 5500-7500 6-10 8-12 High viscosity, fills large gaps, for use on non co-planar surfaces and decorative objects. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-23 50-100 8-15 10-14 Low viscosity, for glass furniture, for bonding on plain surfaces, simplifies cleaning of joined parts from excess adhesive after UV exposure. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-24 2200-2900 6-10 12-16 Medium viscosity for glass on metal bonding, tough. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-27 90-150 6-10 - ISO 10993 certified,suitable for applications in medical devices. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-30 500-800 5-15 6-10 Fluid, high transparency in thickness, for glass/glass and glass/metals combinations. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-34 2500-3500 6-10 8-14 Medium viscosity, fast, high transparency in thickness, ideal for small crystal objects and glasswares. TDS
  30-35 5000-8000 5-10 8-12 Medium/high viscosity, high transparency, glass/metals combinations. Excellent resistance to humidity. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-36 5000-8000 5-10 8-12 Medium/high viscosity, high transparency in thickness, glass/glass and glass/metals. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-37 2200-2900 6-10 6-10 Flexible, shock resistant, ideal for bonding glass on plastic parts. TDS
  30-38 20000-30000 5-10 5-10 High viscosity, transparent in thickness, fill large gaps, glass/glass and glass/metals. TDS
  30-60 GEL 8-15 4-8 Non-drip gel, for vertical bonding of glass and crystal. TDS
light-curing-adhesives   30-83 RED 3-4 55 +230 Potting and coating of chips. Dry film light-curing-adhesives TDS


  • Tensile Strength as per ASTM D 2095-69
  • Loxeal is a registered trademark of Loxeal Srl, Italy