Non-Woven Industrial Wipes

   Limited Use/Use and Throw Wipes for Industry


Wypall L20

100% Cellulose based, used extensively as disposable Wiper in industry for skin..

WhiteON PR-1

Non-woven fabric constructed from viscose base. An excellent low cost choice of wipe..

Wypall L40

Based on DRC Sheet Technology.Excellent for oil and lubricant absorption..

   Xtended Use Wipes for Shop Rag Replacement

Wypall X70

One of the most widely used Low Lint Cloth in Industry.An engineered rag,it absorbs more..

Wypall X80

Wypall X80 is made using patented Hydroknit Technology for Oil and Water.Like X70..

WhiteOn PC-1

PC-1 is hydra-entangled from 70% Pulp and 30% PP. Excellent oil and water absorbency..

   Speciality Industrial Wipers

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth can be used over 300 times without affecting performance..

Kimtech Prep Sealant Wiper

Wiper used for wiping away excess Sealant applied in any joints.


100% Meltblown PP Wipe.It has high absorption, anti-static property makes ideal..

   Speciality Industrial Wipers

Kimtech WetTask System

'WetTask is an enormous cost saver world over for customers who have been using Solvent..


Kimtech Prep Tack Cloth

Low residue tack cloth, ideal for removing sanding and polishing dust in industrial ..

Kimtech Pure CL4

100% PP Construction.Thermally bonded with no glue or binders.Acid, base and solvent resistant..