High temperature RTV gasket in self dispensing cartridge

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Application Tips

  1.  As a high temperature gasket and flange sealant on machined & sheet metal surfaces.
  2. Particularly well known for high performance in compressor flanges, slewing drives, motor,hot fluid pipes, submersible pumps and gas stoves.
Replaces metal-gasketpaper-gasketPTFE rubber-gasket
Available pack size 200 ml
Standards ASTM,RoHS, REACH
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Chemical Composition Silicon Acetic curing
Curing Mechanism moisture cure
Color Black/Red
Recommended Substrates most surfaces
Max Gap Fill 6 mm
Tack Free Time 10-20 minutes
Elongation at Break 300% to 600%
Hardness 32(+/-)5 Shore A
Tensile Strength 0.5 -1.0 MPa
Prevailing Torque 2.5MPa
Service Temperature -60°C to +250°C-peaks +300°C

Features and Benefits

Can resist very high operating temperature up to 250°C with peaks of 300°C
Available in 200ml self dispensing pressurised cartridge.


  • Due to its high temperature performance it is used for bonding and sealing of glass top in gas stoves.
  • Thanks to its unique pressurised cartridge packaging it provides quick and accurate application for an instant seal and avoid product loss. Also does not need additional hand held dispenser.