Multipurpose toughened acrylic adhesive

  1. Spoiler bonding in passenger vehicles
  2. Bonding of aluminium stiffeners to ABS roof skin in special/utility vehicles
  3. Bonding of GRP to Aluminium and Aluminium to Aluminium in Stowage Lockers for trucks/coaches
  4. Bonding of Aluminium with plastic corners and internal support in signage boards
  5. Bonding of Aluminium drawers in fire trucks
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml, 400ml, bulk
Standards ASTM, ISO, REACH, RoHS
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Chemical Composition Methyl Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism Polymerization on mixing of Part A & Part B .
Mixing ratio by volume 10:1
Color Grey
Pot Life 3 – 5 minutes
Handling cure time 8 – 10 minutes
Shear Strength 16 – 20 N/mm²
Service Temperature -40°C to +100°C

Features and Benefits

Primerless application.
Excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates.
Fast setting and curing.
High strength, modulus and toughness.


  • This product does not need any special surface preparation.
  • Unlike many other methacrylate adhesives, it has long shelf life of 1 year.