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"Organized event successfully with Sulzer Mixpac on Adhesives Dispensers & Static Mixers."

"Introduced Mixpac systems to broad audience from adhesives & engineering industries.All attendees had the opportunity to get hands on experience with our associated partner Sulzer's brands MIXPAC,COX,MK & their benefits"

Overwhelming response at INTEC 2019.

"Overwhelming response from esteem customers at INTEC Coimbatore 2019 . Elixir India successfully participated in INTEC 2019 Coimbatore"



We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we are organising a technical seminar with our manufacturing partner M/S Sulzer MIXPAC AG range "Dispenser & Static mixers".

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Elixir India to participate in the 18th edition of INTEC-2019, sheduled for 6th-10th June 2019 at Coimbatore. We invite you to visit us at Hall F-138 & 139

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Loxeal 3460/ Loxeal 3461

Especially developed to bond low surface energy substrates such as PP/ PE/ HDPE..

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Loxeal CR-1

Cynoacrylate remover.To clean cured Cynoacrylate adhesive & to debond parts..

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Loxeal CR-5

Low odour, low volatile solvent used to detach and remove Silicones, MS Polymers ..

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Loxeal 59-30

Loxeal 59-30 RTV 200ml, now available in a self dispensing cartridge packing and nozzle.