Whiteon Sticky Mat


Product Description:

WhiteOn Sticky Mat is produced using the most advanced technology for adhesive coating. Our sticky mat are formulated and developed to meet the stringent clean room particulate specications Each mat is composed of multiple layers of PE lms coated with custom high tack adhesive laminated together into a stack which can effectively capture 99% all foot-borne and wheel borne particulates It is made using water based adhesive which has a Ph of 7-8 and is certied in accordance with RoHS.


  • Strong non-toxic adhesive coating
  • Uniform adhesion for each layer
  • Customized sizes and colors
  • Anti-microbial property
  • Numbered corner pull-tabs indicating number of remaining layers

Application Areas :

  • Entryways, Walkways, traffic areas of particulate controlled environment
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Semi-conductor
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals, etc

Order Info:

Description Sizes Layer/ Mat Colors
 Inch cm
Sticky Mat
26 x 45 66 x 114 30 Blue / White
24 x 36 61 x 91 Blue / White
18 x 36 46 x 91 Blue / White