Surface Conditioners

Typically a Primer is used to increase the surface energy of a substrate enabling stronger bond while Activators are used to speed up the curing speed of adhesives.Though both the terminology is used in place of each other very often their purpose are different.

Our range of activators mainly include Activators used on metal surfaces prior to bonding with Anaerobic adhesives (Activator 11 and Activator 18) and those that areused along with “two step acrylic adhesives” as activator (Activator 20 and Activator 21) to initiate the chemical reaction.

In case of Activator 11 and Activator 18, once applied the surface activation works beyond 24hours.In case of Activator 20 and Activator 21,once applied the surface activator works for upto 2hours.

Surface activation to speed up the curing of Anaerobic adhesive can result in the loss of final strength,hence their use must be tested prior to production implementation.

Adhesive Remover

No.These are especially formulated to work on specific types of adhesives.For example Loxeal CR2 are formuated to work great on Cynoacrylate adhesiveswhereas Loxeal CR5 are formulated to work on modified epoxies and elastomeric sealants such as Silicones, MS Polymer and Polyurethane sealants.
It depends on the amount of cured adheisve. It can range from few minutes to few hours.
No. There is not cleaner/remove available to penetrate threaded joints and clean anaerobic adhesives.
Loxeal Cleaner 10 is formulated to clean and degrease the surfaces prior to bonding with any chemistry of adhesive.It consistently develops higher bond strengthcompared to a surface not cleaned with Cleaner-10