ADoST is a brand of adhesive dosing systems designed and manufactured by 1K2K. It is carefully designed to increase efficiency, reduce waste and enhance safety through the thoughtful design behind ADoST. Conceptualized after extensive end user collaboration, ADoST’s smart and ergonomical design stands out for maximum efficiency and comfort.

ADoST models


ADoST PPS is a very practical and simple method to dispense anaerobic and UV adhesives. It is designed for manual application but with enhanced level of dispensing control through pinch valve. ADoST PPS makes it possible for users to upgrade from a 50ml bottle to 250ml bottle without the application difficulty and waste generation of manual handling. With a quick ROI, it is a must have dispensing system for every user irrespective of glue volume consumed.


ADoST PPS-NXT is a next generation dispensing system that digitally controls the amount of adhesive deposited on the application substrate. Digital control allows more precision and comfort and its smart technology indicates low level in the bottle for timely changeover without having to do any guess work by workmen. ADoST PPS-NXT can operate in both manual and timed mode allowing the flexibility a user needs.


ADoST CDS is a foot operated, two part cartridge dispensing system for application of low to medium viscous epoxy adhesives. The system is designed to accommodate twin cartridges of 400ml and 490ml in mix ratios of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. This adhesive dispensing equipment can be used with or without a valve depending on epoxy viscosity and customer’s needs. When actuated, the footswitch opens the line pressure enabling dispensing of the adhesive.


ADoST CDS NXT is a pneumatically powered pressure-time two part cartridge dispensing system designed to achieve the industry leading repeatability and advanced features for dispensing low to medium viscous two component epoxy adhesives. The volume of adhesive to be dispensed can be preset by adjusting the input pressure and dispense time. The system is designed to accommodate cartridges of 400ml and 490ml in mix ratios of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1.