Elixir-India was incorporated in the year 2011 by Praveen Khargwanshi and Shyam Sundar Nalluraya in a 400 square feet space that doubled up as our first office and stock point at Koramangala, Bangalore. The initial idea was to form an engineering distribution firm supplying a wide range of technically advanced products to manufacturers all over India. The business took off from the very beginning and we continued to grow in revenue and manpower every single year. Engineering adhesives however continued to dominate our portfolio both in revenue and profit and it was the product we loved the most. As a result of that, in the year 2020 (incidentally the year when Covid-19 hit every individual and businesses in the most unimaginable way) we took a very important decision to focus on what we identified to be the core of our business and that were wide range of technically advanced engineering adhesives, sealants and dispensing equipment.

  • The decision taken in 2020 has turned out to be among the most important points in our journey so far. Inspite of losing more than 30% of our revenue on account discontinuing the non-core business during the toughest phase of Covid lockdown, the business still grew in 2021 by a decent margin and we knew we were on to something better than ever.
  • From 2021 onwards we are now a comprehensive adhesive company focused on providing the complete adhesive solution to our customers in the field of adhesives, sealants and dispensing systems. Our team comprises 16 highly trained mechanical engineers located across the country with a single motto “To help designers and manufacturers find better ways to join and assemble parts through the use of adhesive technology”.


Our goal is to help designers and manufacturers find better ways to join and assemble parts.

  • We help our customers. Our primary goal is to solve everyday challenges our customers face with our creativity, products and solutions. We are in the business of solving problem for designers and manufacturers and we want to be known exactly for that.
  • This means that most of our time is spent at our customer’s premises, be it an assembly line or a design office. We are always trying to figure out ways to help our customers with their everyday assembly related challenges.
  • It is not an exaggeration to say that everybody at Elixir is visiting customers all the time and by that we don’t just mean our field engineers and sales managers but also our back-end team from customer service, accounts to purchase department. Each individual at Elixir is spending some time with customer to better understand their needs and contribute in their own way.
  • We know that Adhesives and Dispensing Systems are highly customized products. One solution never fits all. Every application demands detailed evaluation and prior testing of products to be considered for production use. We specialize in this process and we call it “Application Engineering”.
  • We put significant amount of time, efforts and resources on customer applications to evaluate, select, test and implement our products and solutions that best suit customer’s need. Products that include but is not limited to Adhesives, Sealants, Handheld Dispensers, Static Mixer and Accessories all of which work seamlessly with each other.

What makes us different?

Problem solving approach

The core purpose of our business is to solve everyday problems faced by our customers. Every challenging assembly situation is viewed by us as an opportunity to help our customers. There is no better delight than to use our application engineering know-how to evaluate, select, test and prove the reliability of an adhesive.

Response time

In the real world that we operate in, every project was supposed to be executed yesterday and we understand it well. That’s why our project turnaround times are very short. Weather it involves one of our standard Threadlockers or a customized epoxy adhesive, right from sampling to supply chain we claim to be the fastest in the industry.

Customized solutions

Adhesives are highly customized products. One solution never fits all and that’s why we put special attention in developing customized products, be it an epoxy adhesive, a methacrylate or a dispensing method, we are ever ready to formulate application specific products with help from our partners.

Our Partners