Loxeal acrylic adhesives are structural adhesives with high peel and impact resistance while curing rapidly at room temperature. A range of technologies offer users options that best suits their application and process needs.

Two Step Activator Cure

One of the widely recognized acrylic technologies where adhesive is cured when in contact with recommended Activator. This technology allows for on demand cure.

Bead on Bead Cure Acrylic Adhesive

This technology enables curing of adhesive (generally Part A and B) without mixing. Product cures either by application of bead over bead or side by side with excellent tolerance for off ratio mixing.

Two Part Static Mixer Cure Acrylic

High performance plastic bonding acrylic technology where curing is achieved rapidly by mixing (Part A and B) inside static mixer in pre-designed ratio. This technology allows for convenience and performance simultaneously.


If you worry about structural bonding of Polyolefins (PP,PE,HDPE,LDPE,PTFE et al) then look no further than our industry leading Polyolefin bonding acrylic adhesives.