Rapid cure bead on bead adhesive

  1. Metal to metal bonding in different industrial set up
  2. Name plate bonding on hydraulic valves, machine tools and equipments.
  3. Ferrite bonding
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml A+50ml B
Standards ISO, ASTM, REACH, RoHS
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Chemical Composition Urethane Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism Polymarization on mixing of Part A & Part B
Color Part A : Blue , Part B : Yellow/Green
Mixing ratio by volume 1 : 1
Recommended substrates Metals, Ceramics, Ferrites, Magnets
Maximum gap fill 0.05 mm to 1 mm
Handling cure time < 60 Seconds
Fixture Time 10 – 30 seconds
Tensile Strength 25 N/mm²
Shear Strength Steel : 20 – 25 N/mm² Bolt : 15 – 20 N/mm² .
Impact Strength 10 – 20 KJ/m²
Service Temperature -55°C to +165°C

Features and Benefits

Can be quickly cured either with Activator-20 or heat
Excellent strength retention in Water, Oil, Glycol and other fluids


  • Alternately product can also be heat cured @ 120°C for 20min
  • Bonding line must be flat for best results