Instant adhesives are one component, room temperature, rapid cure products. They achieve handling time in seconds, making them highly versatile for a range of application especially involving plastics, elastomers and small rigid parts. Loxeal range of Instant adhesives encompasses a whole umbrella of products to suit almost any application in the industry.


Loxeal ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesives are rapid cure products designed to bond all plastics, elastomers, wood, paper, cork and many other substrates. Forming widest range of product category it includes products that are NSF approved, gel formulation and surface insensitive product suited to multiple application requirements.


Loxeal methyl grade of cyanoacrylates are formulated to achieve highest strength on rigid substrates such as metals. While they are not as fast curing as Ethyl cyanoacrylates, their ability to form strong bond on metals make them first choice for many applications.


Loxeal alkoxy grades are relatively newer technologies developed about two decades back to solve some of the challenges associated with earlier generation of Instant adhesives.The key advantage includes their low-odour,low-bloom property making them first choice for aesthetically important applications

High Temperature Cyanoacrylate

Till recently it was thought that cyanoacrylates are not suited for high temperature bonding. That is not true anymore. We now have two of the most sought out products for high temperature applications in the industry.

Rubber Toughened Cyanoacrylates

Loxeal rubber toughened cyanoacrylates are suited for applications that undergo extreme shock and impact load. These products exhibit some level of flexibility too to withstand demanding needs of many applications.