Impregnation Glue for 3D Printing

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Application Tips

  1.  Specifically formulated for 3D printing applications, as a print Infiltrant for strengthening printed models produced with 3D printing technology based on powders/granules.
  2. Especially suitable to be used in non-ventilated or closed areas.
Replaces Solvent Bonding, Ultrasonic Welding
Available pack size 20gm, 50gm, 500gm
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Chemical Composition Alcoxy-Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Curing Mechanism Moisture
Color Clear/Colourless
Viscosity 3 – 10 mPa s
Recommended Substrates Plastics, Rubbers, small metals
Max Gap Fill 10 – 30 microns
Fixture Time (secs) ABS : 2 – 10, Steel : 5 – 20
Shear Strength 14 – 22 N/mm²
Tensile Strength 10 – 20 N/mm²
Service Temperature -50°C/+80°C

Features and Benefits

Very low viscosity for capillary action.
Delayed curing time allows good depth of penetration into parts.
It reduces blooming effect and it is clear, low odour and non-irritating for large application size.


  • If adhesive on the surface needs to be cured quickly, Loxeal Activator 9 can be post applied.
  • Parts need to be dipped or coated. In both case sufficient time need to be allowed for complete wicking till i is visually t is visually seen.
  • It can also be used to bond various substrates in applications where longer cure time is acceptable.