Anaerobic threadsealing adhesives seal and lock threaded pipe joints & fittings against pressure of gas, air, water, oils, hydrocarbons and many chemicals.They replace PTFE tape and hemp and come in various grades to suit a wide range of industry applications.

Low strength-Easy to disassemble Threadsealant

Low strength Loxeal threadsealants are used on fittings with low levels of vibration or impact. They are also used on large piping systems that need servicing and disassembly.

Medium Strength-Possible to disassemble Threadsealant

Loxeal medium strength threadsealants are recommended for applications where sealing and vibration resistance are important yet disassembly is required during its service life. They typically can withstand pressure of 500 bars and more.

High Strength-Permanent Locking Threadsealant

High strength Loxeal threadsealants are used on fittings and systems that undergo heavy duty vibration and impact where conventional methods and low strength sealants cannot work and disassembly for maintenance and service is not an important criterion.