Our comprehensive list of ready to stock accessories make the application and use of adhesives and sealants effecient,effective and aesthetically appealing.

Luer Lock

With Sulzer Mixpac Luer Locks form a sealed connection between static mixer and nozzles for controlled flow of adhesives and sealants.They are available in 5mm, 6mm and 10mm diameter.


Use needles and nozzle cones with our luerlock to control the flow of adhesive. They are a great way to optimize adhesive use.

Needle Holder

Needle holders are designed to be used with needles/nozzles directly over Anaerobic or Cynoacrylate bottles to control the flow of adhesive.They are a great way to optimize adhesive use.


Order spare Li-ion batteries of 10.8V and 18V for both 1-component and 2-component battery powered dispensers.

Mixpac Shrouds

Used Along with MS/ME/MSR Machine mixers

Nozzle Adaptor

Our Nozzle adapters are the way to go when you don’t want to use large sized nozzles to apply fine bead and reduce waste.


Sealant spreaders are patented products designed to be used with most sealants in 300ml cartridge or 600ml sausage to apply over a large surface area in quickest possible time

Quick Release Coupling

Use these quick release couplings with our air operated 1 component and 2 component dispensers for quick and easy installation.


Our wide variety of nozzles are suited to different packing of sealants. Weather you are dispensing a cartridge or sachet, a round bead or flat bead our nozzles get the job done easily and reliably

Battery Chargers

These battery chargers are spares for our 1-Component and 2-Component battery operated hand held dispensers.

Plunger Kits

Plunger kits are spares for 2-Component and 1-Component dispensers.