Nozzles for accurate dispensing of adhesives and sealants

Nozzles or capillary metering needles are great to be used with a variety of adhesives
They can be used with Valves of dosing units to dispense precision quantity
They can also be fitted to Static Mixers using Luer Locks for controlled application
Use them with Adapter on Anaerobic and Cynoacrylate bottles too.


Dispensing adapter for precision dispensing of Anaerobic, Cynoacrylate and UV adhesives

Manual dispensing of low and medium viscous products can be challenging in a production environment causing wastage of material and high cost. It can lead to excess application and aesthetics issues or even migration of products to unwanted location causing serious assembly issues for your customers. Now these challenges can be overcome using Loxeal Needle adapter that enables precise application and reduced cost. Wastage and migration are a problem of past now.