Loxeal anaerobic threadlockers lock studs,nuts,screws and other threaded fasteners from loosening caused by vibrations,impact and mechanical or thermal shocks.Loxeal threadlockers also inhibit fretting corrosion and prevent seizure and galling.

Low strength-Easy to disassemble Threadlocker

Low strength Loxeal threadlockers are recommended for small size fasteners and screws where levels of vibrations and impact are low. They are also suitable on large nuts and bolts that needs to be serviced frequently.

Medium Strength-Possible to disassemble Threadlocker

Loxeal medium strength threadlockers are recommended on fasteners that undergo low to medium levels of vibrations and impact and require dismantling or servicing for maintenance.

High Strength-Permanent Locking Threadlocker

Loxeal high strength threadlockers are great for fasteners that need to be locked permanently. A fastener locked with Loxeal high strength product cannot be disassembled by handtools.