Medium strength Threadlocker, suitable for oily surfaces.

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Application Tips

  1.  Locking and sealing of fasteners in machines and equipments such as CNC Machines, pumps, valves, LPG, CNG gas kits, switch gears, flow control equipments,chillers and many more.
  2. Locking grub screws and keyways to avoid backlash.
Available pack size 50ml, 250ml
Standards EN 751-1 (DVGW and GAZ De France), TZW-DVGW
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Chemical Composition Anaerobic Methacrylate Resin
Curing Mechanism In absence of air and presence of metal ions
Color Blue
Recommended Substrates All metals (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)
Max Gap Fill 0.25mm
Handling Cure Time 10-20 minutes
Functional Cure Time 1-3 hours
Shear Strength 9-13 N/mm2
Breakaway Torque 18-23 Nm
Prevailing Torque 9-16 Nm
Service Temperature -55° C to +200° C

Features and Benefits

Recommended for all fasteners that require dismantling in future. Medium Strength
Suitable for oily surfaces
Approved for sealing of threaded fittings as per EN 751-1
Approved for Potable Water
Has proven unscrewing resistance at 200°C. Can also withstand 250°C for short times Fluorescence effect for quality control


  • Most widely known and used Loxeal threadlocker around the world with top performance in its category.
  • Its high thixotropy is particularly useful in wide range of applications.
  • Does not drip down or flow easily.
  • Very low coefficient of friction for easy assembly and equal distribution of clamp load.
  • Its superb performance makes it an ideal choice as both Threadlocker and Threadsealant.


Locking of Grub Screw using Loxeal 55-03 in an industrial Gear box assembly

  • Loxeal 55-03 ensures Grub screws are secured reliably and will not loosen even under consistent vibration and thermal changes over years of service
  • Its thixotropic property enables easy application and prevents unwanted migration.
  • Controlled strength of Loxeal 55-03 allows disassembly during service and maintenance.

How Loxeal Anaerobic threadlockers outperform traditional fastener locking methods.

This video demonstrates how fastener loosening happens in real time under stress and vibrations. In this video you will also see how Loxeal anaerobic threadlockers fill thread gaps and augments the tightening torque thereby exceeding the performance of traditional locking methods.