An anaerobic thread locker only cures in absence of air and presence of metal, hence any extra material that gets squeeze out from the threads and remains exposed to air will not cure. It does not mean that the product between the threads has also not cured. Please wipe off that extra uncured thread locker as it serves no meaningful purpose.

We recommend using our adaptor and nozzle with the Loxeal bottles to control the flow of adhesive if extra application is a recurrent problem.

Technically most Thread lockers depending on their viscosity can be used be used as thread sealants too because in effect both are based on same base chemical. However, viscosity and strength play a crucial role in the selection process and proper care must be taken. A low viscous thread locker may not be able to fill the thread gaps in pipe fittings and similarly some thread lockers (particularly high strength) can form permanent joint on fittings which may not be desired.
Use of Thread lockers on less active surfaces such a stainless steel, anodized aluminium, titanium or other passivated surfaces is very common. However, Anaerobic thread lockers tend to cure slowly on these surface and use of Loxeal Primer-11 over passive surface can speed up the adhesive curing and is strongly recommended.

However prior testing should be conducted because anaerobic primers can reduce the final locking strength.

Most Loxeal threadlockers (particularly Low and Medium strength grades) can be dismantled using standard hand tools as they are formulated to provide controlled strength. High strength Threadlockers on the other hand are formulated to withstand very high torque load and can form permanent bond particularly on larger fasteners.If you have difficulty untorquing a high strength Threadlocker using standard hand tools, it is recommended to heat the bond joint to over 250°C and dismantle while it is still hot.
On a fast production line such as automotive part assembly, application of Threadlocker by hand can be difficult, for such applications Loxeal Dosing Units can be used and integrated with production line to match up with the line speed and fixed dosage per component.
While using a thixotropic Threadlocker, it is easy to control the adhesive applied but all Threadlockers are not thixotropic and in a high speed production it is impractical. We recommend using our Adaptor and nozzle that controls the amount applied to a large extent in manually.

Alternately Loxeal auto dosing equipments can be used for precision and high speed production requirements.