Sealant is a generic term for flexible, room temperature moisture cure products that form elastomeric properties. We provide to our customers high performance Silicone, Polyurethane and Modified Silane based gap filling sealants.


Sikaflex range of one component Polyurethane sealants are moisture curing and elastomeric sealants that can adhere to a very wide range of substrates.They are widely used in both vehicle and industrial applications for weatherproofing and sealing.

Modified Silane
(MS Polymers)

Sikaflex range of one component modified silanes are a new generation of silane terminate sealants that are moisture cure and can be used both as sealant and assembly adhesive.They need fewer surface preparation than Silicones and Polyurethanes and can be painted.


Our one component silicones are moisture cure room temperature vulcanizing sealants used primarily as a sealant for leak proof joints and excellent weather resistance.They can also withstand high temperature resistance upto 300°C and are thus recommended for applications requiring high thermal resistance.


Our surface preparation products consist of a range of Activators, Primers, tooling agents that help improve the overall performance of RTV Silicones, Polyurethanes and Modified Silanes.

Frequently asked questions

Sealants come in a wide variety of chemical base,however the three most common industrial sealants are

  • Silicones
  • Polyurethane
  • MS Polymer/Modified Silanes

All are single component sealants that cure when exposed to moisture.Curing rate depends on humidity,environmental and substrate temperature and thickness of sealant. However,they differ in their final physical properties achieved after full curing such as temperature resistance,Weaterability,Surface Preparation required and paintaibility etc. One must choose based on the final properties desired.

Since sealants can fill large gaps upto 6mm, surface flatness and finish are not very critical.Instead clean surface becomes an important aspect to be considered for optimum performance.
Sealants seal by adhesion and not compression,hence surface preparation is very important for their successful performance. Ensure surface is dry,clean and free from any foreign particles by cleaning with a solvent based cleaner.
2-3mm seal provides best curing and final properties