Cleaning agent for painted substrates

  1. Sika® Remover-208 is used to pre-clean strongly contaminated non-porous substrates.
  2. Sika® Remover-208 can be used to clean painted surfaces prior to bonding.
  3. Sika® Remover-208 can also be used to remove uncured excess of Sikaflex® adhesive or sealant from application tools or soiled surfaces.
Available pack size 1 Litre
Standards Sika CQP


Chemical Composition Organic solvents
Curing Mechanism Moisture
Color Colourless, clear
Specific Gravity N/A
Recommended substrates Non porous substrates
Service Temperature 5°C to 40°C

Features and Benefits

Removes heavy contaminats
Suitable for most painted surfaces and plastics
Available in aerosol can


  • This product cleans and activates contaminated surfaces