Loxeal liquid gaskets seal flat mating surfaces and join flanges in pumps,gearboxes,compressors and differential housings of any shape and dimension in an easy and very effective way.

Anaerobic Liquid Gaskets
For machined surfaces

Loxeal anaerobic liquid gaskets are FIP gaskets formulated to be used on flat machined surfaces. They are easy to apply, cure quickly, save cost and provide manufacturing flexibility on assembly lines.

RTV Silicone Gasket
For sheet metals

RTV Silicone Gaskets are Form in Place (FIP) Silicone gaskets designed to provide long lasting seals in sheet metal parts where gaps are much higher than machined surfaces. Another important aspect of these gaskets is their ability to resist very high temperatures (>300° C).

Gasket Dressing

Loxeal gasket dressing compounds are effective sealing solutions when designers must use conventional cut gaskets due to design constraints or application needs. Loxeal dressing compounds are curing or non-curing gels and provide instant seal when used in combination with conventional gaskets. They are easily serviceable too.