Neutral cure, silicone gasket

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Application Tips

  1.  Recommended as gasket dressing compound in combination with pre-formed gaskets
  2. Can also be used standalone as liquid gasket for gaps less tha 0.1mm in low pressure applications
Replaces Solvent based liquid gaskets.
Available pack size 300ml


Chemical Composition Polyester Resin
Curing Mechanism moisture cure
Color Blue
Recommended Substrates most surfaces
Max Gap Fill <0.1mm
Service Temperature -55°C to +120°C
Viscosity 1.0 to 6.0M (25 °C – Pa.s)
Shelf life 1 Year minimum
Fluorence Under blue light

Features and Benefits

Resists temperature upto 300°C with peaks of 350°C for short time
Low sealing cost
Easily serviceable


  • Some applications demand use of cut gaskets or pre-formed gaskets due to height adjustment or frequent servicing.Loxeal 08-07 is a great choice to achieve perfect sealing along with cut gaskets.
  • Pre-formed gaskets over a period of time starts setting leaving micro gaps, Loxeal 08-07 is again an ideal product to solve such challenges.
  • Loxeal 08-07 can also be used on plastic flanges where anaerobic gaskets cannot be used.