Loxeal retaining compounds lock and fit bushes, bearings, sleeves, pin hubs, pulleys, gears and other cylindrical components. They are ideal for increasing the strength of press fit parts or retaining loose fitting parts. They prevent fretting corrosion, vibration loosening and distortion.

Medium strength-easy to disassemble

Loxeal medium strength retaining compound is ideal for cylindrical fitting parts that need disassembly. They are also called bearing retainers for their ability to provide controlled strength on bearings.


Loxeal permanent grade retaining compounds are used to augment the strength of a press-fit joint. They are also used to hold loose fitting cylindrical parts under controlled gap. They typically provide permanent strength and cannot be disassembled easily.

Frequently asked questions

A surface finish of 1.6 to 3.2Ra is recommended to achieve maximum strength.

Though retaining compounds can fill gap up to 0.25mm, the maximum performance is achieved at a diametrical gap of around 0.05mm

Extra product squeezed out does not cure hence does not interfere in any other operation, still sometimes this can travel to unwanted assembly parts and cure, hence it is recommended to clean them immediately after application
Yes. Surface cleanliness is extremely important and degreasing with a solvent based Loxeal Cleaner consistently provides maximum retaining strength