Easy to service, easy to remove liquid gasket

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Application Tips

  1. As a general purpose gasket and flange sealant on machined surfaces.
  2. Particularly useful in industrial Gearbox, tractor assembly among many others as easy to dismantle sealant.
Replaces metal-gasketpaper-gasketPTFE rubber-gasket
Available pack size 75ml, 250ml
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Chemical Composition Anaerobic Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism Anaerobic
Color Green
Recommended Substrates ferrous and non ferrous metals
Max Gap Fill 0.30 mm
Handling Cure Time 20-40 minutes
Functional Cure Time 3-6 hours
Shear Strength 4-6 N/mm2
Tensile Strength 2-4 N/mm2
Impact Strength 2-4 KJ/m2
Service Temperature -55° C to +150° C

Features and Benefits

Low strength, high thixotropicliquid gasket
Fluorescence effect for quality control
Provides excellent chemical resistance.


  • Compared to other anaerobic liquid gaskets, Loxeal 28-10 provides low strength for easy disassembly and service
  • Once cured the cured layer is easy to clean using standard tools compared to any other anaerobic liquid gasket.
  • It works equally well on both MS and Aluminium flanges.