Medium strength, general purpose liquid gasket

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Application Tips

  1. As a general purpose gasket and flange sealant on machined surfaces.
  2. Particularly well known for high performance on industrial gearbox, centrifugal pumps and earth moving equipments.
Replaces metal-gasketpaper-gasketPTFE rubber-gasket
Available pack size 75ml, 250ml
Standards ASTM, RoHS, REACH
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Chemical Composition Anaerobic Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism Anaerobic
Color Orange
Recommended Substrates ferrous and non ferrous metals
Max Gap Fill 0.50 mm
Handling Cure Time 15-30 minutes
Functional Cure Time 3-6 hours
Shear Strength 5-10 N/mm2
Tensile Strength 5-8 N/mm2
Impact Strength 3-5 KJ/m2
Service Temperature -55° C to +150° C

Features and Benefits

Medium strength liquid gasket
Fluorescence effect for quality control


  • Is thixotropic for easy application on wide range of gasketing applications.
  • Due to its high gap filling capability,it has been found to work well as sealant on high tolerance thread joints.


Flange sealing of BLDC Motor Casing in electric bikes

  • Loxeal 58-14 is uniquely formulated to be used on aluminum and other metal substrates
  • Loxeal 58-14 being thixotropic anaerobic sealant forms superior sealing between flanges of BLDC motor casing in bikes
  • It passes IP68 sealing standards and provides long service life under constant vibration and impact forces.

IP67 compliant BLDC Motor cover sealing with Loxeal 58-14 anaerobic liquid gasket

Loxeal 58-14 is a medium strength, easy to service flange sealant for machined surfaces. In this video the product is being applied to an IP67 grade BLDC motor cover