Neutral cure, silicone gasket

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Application Tips

  1.  As a flange sealant and general purpose seam sealant for a wide range of applications.
  2. Widely used as sealant for door guarding in CNC machines, seam sealant in construction equipments, gear boxes, pumps, oil and water containers, air forced pipes and other systems.
Replaces metal-gasketpaper-gasketPTFE rubber-gasket
Available pack size 300ml
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Chemical Composition Silicon neutral curing
Curing Mechanism moisture cure
Color Black/Grey
Recommended Substrates Metals,Plastics,Glass,Ceramics
Max Gap Fill 6 mm
Tack Free Time 30-50 minutes
Elongation at Break 400 to 600%
Hardness 25(+/-)5 Shore A
Tensile Strength 0.5 -1.0 MPa
Prevailing Torque 2-5 Nm
Service Temperature -65°C to +180°C

Features and Benefits

Fully transparent bond line
Faster depth of curing (about 4mm in 24hours)
This is an odourless neutral cure silicone.
High elongation 400-600%


  • This product has excellent hot strength properties and is suitable for applications that are exposed up to 180°C
  • It is also suitable for electrical applications requiring high levels of insulation.The product exhibits dielectric strength of 18kV/mm.