A 300ml manual caulking dispenser

Weight 0.8-0.9kg / 1.7-2.1lbs
Frame/Barrel Length 233mm-271mm / 9.2in-10.7in
Maximum Thrust 3.5kN
Mechanical Advantage Ratio 18:1
Handle Material Epoxy Coated Aluminum
Frame/Barrel Material Epoxy Coated Steel
Tool Component Approval REACH
Capacity 310 & 400 ml Cartridge
Standard Colour Blue/Black
Nozzle Dimension ø25mm / 0.98in
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Product Advantages

High quality epoxy coated cast aluminum handle for day long comfortable use
Epoxy coate steel cradle supports cartridge
U-opening rotating steel frame for ease of cartridge insertion and removal
Switchable Pressure Relief Device (PRD) prevents material run on when engaged
Warranty up to 2 years*

Customer Benefits

High power for use with medium-high viscosity materials
Maximum use of sealant with minimum waste
Automatic wear compensation, for long tool life
High quality epoxy coated cast aluminum handle
Gives you long worry free performance


Dispensing tough to extrude high viscosity pasty sealants made easy thro’ Cox Powerflow HP Cartridge

Caulks come in a variety of viscosities for different application requirements. While a low viscosity caulking sealant can be extruded using a normal DIY hand held gun, professional high viscosity sealants like Windshield caulks require high precision and they are tough to apply due to their very high viscosity. Cox Powerflow HP Cartridge is recommended for such sealants to make it easy for the applicator to apply it right and fine.