General purpose, cost efficient RTV gasket and sealant

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Application Tips

  1.  Used as a sealant in ceramic insulators, plant and machinery, motors, pumps, seam sealing of welded joints with transparent bondline and electrical enclosures.
Replaces metal-gasketpaper-gasketPTFE rubber-gasket
Available pack size 300ml
Standards REACH,RoHS
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Chemical Composition Neutral Silicone
Curing Mechanism moisture cure
Color Transparent/Black
Recommended Substrates most surfaces
Max Gap Fill 6 mm
Tack Free Time 20 minutes
Elongation at Break 400 %
Hardness Shore A 24
Shear Strength N/A
Tensile Strength 1.8 MPa
Service Temperature -55°C to 250°C

Features and Benefits

Fully transparent bond line
Resists temperature upto 180°C


  • This product is an economical solution for cost sensitive applications without compromising on the durability and performance.


Neutral curing high temperature silicone sealant EL-N100

EL-N100 is a neutral curing silicone sealant used for applications requiring sealing and weather resistance in industrial equipments, machines, enclosure and electronic devices. Because it is a neutral curing silicone it does not release acidic by products during curing and prevent active metal parts such as brass and copper from corrosion. It withstands operating temperature upto 250C and thus is also suited for thermal applications.

It is available in 300ml cartridge and can be easily dispensed using Elixir hand held cartridge dispensers.