Paintable sealant that forms tough gum like seal

  1. Loxeal 59-40 is widely used in bonding and sealing applications where flexibility yet strength is desired.
  2. Applications include glass bonding in display panels, sealing in environmental chambers, chillers and many others
Available pack size 290ml
Standards DIN,RoHS,REACH
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Chemical Composition MS Polymer
Curing Mechanism Moisture
Color Transparent, Grey, Black
Specific Gravity 1.54
Recommended substrates Metals, Plastics, Composites, Ceramic
Max gap fill 6mm
Tack Free Time 10min
Elongation at Break 250 %
Hardness Transparent-38 Shore A, Coloured-60 Shore A
Shear Strength 2.2 MPa
Service Temperature -40 to +90 °C

Features and Benefits

Achieves very fast tack time
Forms a tough gum like seal
Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates without the need for special pre-treatments
Excellent workability
Free of isocyanate, solvent and phthalate


  • Ideal for applications where high strength and sealing properties both are required.
  • It is one of the unique MS Polymer sealant that is available in Transparent color,making it particularly useful for glass bonding
  • It can be painted after full curing.


Bonding of view through glass to sheet metal panel with Loxeal MS Polymer Adhesive

The video demonstrates the application of Loxeal 59-40, a modified silane adhesive for bonding glass to sheet metal panel. 59-40 accommodates the undulations in sheet metal and bonds well with glass, suitable for large bonding applications.The product is crystal clear, and fast curing, hence helps in better aesthetics and faster production in assembly line.