Low strength general purpose threadlocker for small fasteners

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Application Tips

  1.  Locking and sealing of precision screws and fasteners in machines and equipments.
  2. Particularly useful in assembly of measuring gauges and instruments , CNC machines, wood working machinery and locking of small screw in general assemblies.
Available pack size 50ml, 250ml
Standards ISO, RoHS, REACH
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Chemical Composition Anaerobic Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism In absence of air and presence of metal ions
Color Purple
Recommended Substrates All metals (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)
Max Gap Fill 0.20 mm
Handling Cure Time 15-30 minutes
Functional Cure Time 1-3 hours
Shear Strength 3-5 N/mm2
Breakaway Torque 5-8 Nm
Prevailing Torque 2-5 Nm
Service Temperature -55° C to +150° C

Features and Benefits

Low strength Threadlocker for easy disassembly
Fluorescence effect for quality control


  • When easy disassembly is the an important application need, this is the ideal product.
  • It can be used on fasteners of the upto size 2” to provide desired strength.
  • Widely used to lock grub screws