High strength for Stainless Steel and other passive substrates.

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Application Tips

  1. As a threadsealant in equipment and machineries to prevent leakage against pressure under vibration and shocks.
  2. Sealing of pipe fittings and piping in pressure vessels, compressors, pumps, valves, chillers, gear box, hydraulic press, automobile and general plumbing applications, LPG and CNG connections and many more.
Replaces Dowty-SealO-RingHemp
Available pack size 50ml, 250ml
Standards ISO, ASTM, REACH, RoHS
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Chemical Composition Anaerobic Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism In absence of air and presence of metal ions
Color Green
Recommended Substrates All metals (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)
Max Gap Fill 0.20 mm
Handling Cure Time 2-5 minutes
Functional Cure Time 1-2 hours
Shear Strength 25-35 N/mm2
Breakaway Torque 25-35 Nm
Prevailing Torque 50-70 Nm
Service Temperature -55° C to +200° C

Features and Benefits

High strength, difficult to dismantle
Especially formulated for maximum performance on passive surfaces that are otherwise difficult to seal.
Very fast handling strength (about 2min) allows faster production and pressure testing.


  • Excellent choice when sealing Stainless Steel, Zinc chromated steel without use of activator.
  • Retains sealing upto 200°C operating temperature.
  • Dismantling may require heat upto 250°C