Primer for Polyolefins in combination with Instant adhesives

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Application Tips

  1. Loxeal Primer-7 is a product formulated to be used with Loxeal cyanoacrylate adhesives when bonding PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PTFE. Silicone Rubber or similar low surface energy substrates.
Available pack size 20ml+pen, 1litre
Standards ISO,REACH,RoHS


Chemical Composition Alyphatic amine in organic solvent
Color Colourless, fluorescent under blue light
Specific Gravity 0.74 g/ml
Viscosity 1.5 mPa.s
Activation effect on surface 24 hourss
Shelf Life 1 year
Flash Point 0°C

Features and Benefits

The product has fluroscence effect for quality check
Dries off in seconds
Activation effect on substrate remains for 8 hours post which needs to be reapplied.


  • Dries off in seconds but flash off time of 1min should ideally be allowed.
  • Can be used in both spray and brush form.