Bead on bead curing structural acrylic adhesive

  1. Structural bonding of wear plates to machine beds
  2. Magnet bonding in DC motors and loudspeakers
  3. Name plate bonding in CNC machines, hydraulic valves, fuel transfer system, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, ceramic bonding, gear box and other machines.
  4. And many more…
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml A+50ml B, 1000ml A+1000ml B
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Chemical Composition Urethane Methacrylate
Curing Mechanism Polymerization contact of Part A & Part B
Color Part-A :Viscous amber Part B :Viscous Green
Mixing ratio by volume 1+1 not critical (weight/Volume)
Recommended substrates Metals, Ceramics, Glass, Wood, Hard Plastic
Maximum gap fill 0.05 to 0.50 mm
Handling cure time 1-3 minutes
Functional Cure Time 30 – 60 minutes
Tensile Strength 15-25 N/mm²²
Shear Strength 8-20 N/mm²
Peel Strength 3-5 N/25mm
Impact Strength 15-25 KJ/m²
Service Temperature -30°C to +120°C

Features and Benefits

Bead on bead technology does not need mixing of Part A and B
Achieves handling strength in few minutes at room temperature
Tough structural adhesive with high peel and impact resistance
Bonds metals, ceramics, glass, wood and many hard plastics


  • This product can be used either bead (Part A) over (Part B) or by applying side by side.
  • Does not require any special surface preparation.
  • Can be easily applied through dispensing machine as individually resin and activator do not cure.


Magnet bonding application in DC motor with Loxeal bead on bead adhesive technology

Loxeal 33-47 – A bead on bead, structural strength, fast curing acrylic adhesive, suitable for magnet and metal bonding applications. Handling strength can be achieved in 2 minutes time. Fully cured adhesive has shear strength in the rage of 12-25 N/mm2