Two step activator cure acrylic

There are many advantages that a methacrylate adhesive offers over an epoxy adhesive.For instance, MMA achieves strength rapidly,needs little or no surface preparation and can bond plastics as well as metals with equal ease.They also have much higher peel strength than an epoxy adhesive.

Mostly MMAs are colored products making them unsuitable to bond transparent parts,howeverLoxeal laboratories have sucessfully rolled our transparent MMA such as AC5004 that not only provide tenacious bond strength but a fully transparent bondline.
We have introduced a range of products that are well suited for powder coating process.As an example take EL-801PC, a methacrylate adhesives that cures rapidlyand can be passed through seven tank surface preparation procss before being powder coated upto 200°C, all only after an hour of room temperature curing.
EL-801PC is a fast curing very high strength MMA adhesive achieving fixture in less than 4min at room temperature and is suited for applications requring very fast curing.
Our MMAs are tolerant of slight oil presence and work extremely well even without extensive surface preparation.
Our Methacrylate adhesives are well suited to replace traditional hot wel processes such as brazing,soldering and welding and can also replace fastening in manydifferent designs with better stress distribution and aesthetics.