High purity high viscous Silicone oil

  1. Loxeal Silicone oil type 12500, is used as an anti-adhesive and lubricant to metals, plastic parts and rubbers. It is used for o-ring lubrication and also as mould release agents.
Available pack size 100gm, 1Kg, 20Kg
Standards REACH,RoHS


Chemical Composition Polysiloxane based
Viscosity 12500
Service Temperature Room Temperature
Flash Point over +300°C

Features and Benefits

High viscosity at room temperature
It does not contain or release any toxic substance and is chemically inactive.
It can be used in contact with drinking water.
Insoluble in the water,mineral oils,acid and salt solutions.


  • As this product is basically an anti-adhesive, it must be avoided any contact with parts that need to undergo painting or any kind of surface treatment process.