A 300ml manual caulking dispenser

Weight 0.32kg / 0.71lbs
Frame/Barrel Length 234mm / 9.21in
Maximum Thrust 1.2 kN
Mechanical Advantage Ratio 7:1
Handle Material Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Frame/Barrel Material Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Tool Component Approval REACH
Capacity 310ml
Standard Colour Blue
Nozzle Dimension ø41mm / 1.61 in
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Product Advantages

Switchable Pressure Relief Device (PRD) prevents material run on when engaged
Epoxy coated steel handle
Curved rod end for convenient tool support and storage
Strong rigid epoxy coated steel frame resists corrosion
Warranty up to 2 years*

Customer Benefits

Lightweight epoxy coated steel handle an frame
For use with low viscosity materials
7:1 trigger ratio ensures high yield pre trigger pull
Gives you long worry free performance