Effective December 1 st 2022 we have transferred our exclusive rights to import medmix’s Mixpac brand to 1K2K Dosing and Dispensing Private Limited, Pune. This has been taken in the larger interest of our customers and adhesive users. 1K2K’s digital expertise and with its exclusive focus on the business of adhesive metering and dispensing will continue to build on the legacy of Elixir in bringing the best in class Mixpac, Cox and MK range of Adhesive and Sealant Dispensers to Indian users.

Moving forward while 1K2K Dosing and Dispensing Private Limited will import and manage inventory for supplies to Indian market, Elixir-India will continue to be a major player in the hand operated sealant dispenser and applicator market serving end users across the nation and will closely work with 1K2K Dosing and Dispensing as its distributer in all the major industrial cities in India.

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