One of our important customers who is known worldwide for manufacturing of mechanical Throttle Bodies for the automotive industry needed automation solution for their adhesive dispensing.

We engage with them in many ways on day to day basis and supply a wide range of products that includes but is not limited to Threadlockers,Threadsealant,Retaining compounds and epoxy adhesives. The customer believes in high level of automation and as volumes started moving up,they decided to install auto dispensing systems in every assembly line to achieve:

  • Optimization of adhesive consumption
  • Consistent dosing, and
  • Eliminate waste

Selection of an adhesive dosing unit can often be daunting because every system has its advantages and disadvantages and long-term performance and cost implication. We chose and decided to install and operate our DE3M dispensing system for about a week on assembly line to evaluate its performance on various parameters.

Few features of DE3M standout in general while handling anaerobic adhesives:

  1. This is a very flexible system that offers options to use a Pinch Valve (finger operated), Diaphragm valve (foot switch) or simply using an inexpensive hand held pen.
  2. It consists of a 2.5 Litre reservoir to accommodate both 50ml and 250ml bottles.This eliminates messy syringe filling step required in most other equipments.
  3. It can be easily integrated into automated line through PLC
  4. Because anaerobic adhesives do not cure unless in contact with metals,the product inside tubes and reservoirs can stay liquid for days even when not in use.

As a result customer chose our dosing unit Loxeal DE3M over a host of other options available in the marketplace and we successfully installed five systems to streamline their adhesive application process.


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