The three days sales meet of team Elixir took place this time at the city of Bangalore from 13th-15th October.

The quarterly sales meet at Elixir are not just your regular sales meeting rather they serve as the catalyst and binding agent for the shared goals and objectives of our group. They serve to reinforce and remind us that we are one team, an extended family and we all share the higher purpose of helping our industry and society do better. Elixir sales meeting are part of our very foundation that support a thriving sales culture and plays a very important role in creating synergy among our team.

First day was more usual and more business where we reviewed our overall performance during the 2nd quarter of this year with the most awaited facilitation of our star performer. This quarter it was Mr. Saran Kumar from Chennai. Kudos to him !

Second day was the most important day of our quarterly sales meet where every single customer facing member underwent rigorous technical and sales training in the field of adhesive technology. In today’s competitive world this single most important day sets our team on a winning path and reinforces our unique selling model in bonding and sealing. As is customary at Elixir, the day ended with the most delicious regional delicacy “Andhra Meal” at the sprawling and very famous Nagarjuna.

Third day as always was filled with lot of fun and team building activities to rejuvenate our energies. We travelled to “Sugee Resort” in the South of Bangalore and participated in every kind of fun and adventurous activities for the entire day. The very special tug of war between “Man Vs. Technology” was a unique way to combine the team building with strength of Crestabond Methacrylate adhesive.

Click here to see our “Man Vs. Technology”

That’s it from Q2 Sales Meet Bangalore, Karnataka

Await to hear our upcoming Q3 Sales meet @ Pune, Maharashtra From 19th-22nd January 2022

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