Plastic repair putty for emergency needs

  1. Loxeal Epostik plastic putty is designed for fast or emergency maintenance and repair. Ideal to fill and seal cracks in plumbing and installations, either in automotive or marine fields, to stop leakages of pipes, tanks, valves without disassembling.
Available pack size 100gm, 1Kg, 20Kg


Chemical Composition Part A : Epoxy Resin & mineral fillers Part B : Mercapatan & mineral fillers mixture
Color White/Grey
Specific Gravity Part A : 1.20-1.40 g/ml Part B : 1.75-1.95 g/ml
Service Temperature -20°C to +150°C
Shelf Life 24 Months

Features and Benefits

Bonds most material. Metals, ceramics, stones, concrete, FRP and some rigid plastics.
Machinable in 3-4hours.
High temperature resistance (+150°C) with peaks at 200°C


  • This product can be applied inside the water (e.g. swimming poor repair and crack sealing),fuel tanks and pipes.