Food approved high purity Silicone grease

  1. Loxeal Silicone Grease-9 is used as lubricant on plastics, elastomers and metal joints under low load applications, o-ring lubrication, sealing of electrical enclosures, lubrication of bearings in Hydraulic PTO unit, as a mould release agent and many more.
Available pack size 100gm, 1Kg, 20Kg
Standards NSF (Reg:141233/H1), ASTM, REACH, RoHS


Chemical Composition Dimethylpolysiloxane
Color Translucent paste
Penetration (ASTM D217) 200 – 260
Viscosity 1.5 mPa.s
Service Temperature -40°C to +200°C
Flash Point over +300°C
Dielectric Strength 20 kV/mm
Shelf Life 5 years

Features and Benefits

Loxeal Silicone Grease-9 is non-toxic odourless and tasteless.
Approved for use with drinking water (NSF approved)
Does not allow growth of fungus and moulds even in high humidity and temperature conditions.
It is non-flammable and has excellent electrical insulation.


  • Loxeal Silicone Grease-9 works well on elastomers and plastics as a lubricant. Adds to the life of assembly under continuous load.
  • Loxeal Silicone Grease-9 can be used on metals but low load applications. Prior testing is recommended.