Multipurpose high quality grease with Liquilon

  1. Polymer 400N00 is an excellent multipurpose, water-repellent grease, used where washout resistance is critical to the operation.
  2. It is also used for application in a variety of wireline, drilling tools, equipment, vehicle lubrication, sealing, WKM gate, and pipeline ball valves.
  3. Polymer 400N00 is also used for lubrication to those areas of downhole tools where washout by drilling fluids, muds, and other downhole contaminants is common. Polymer 400N00 is an ideal lubricant when applied to wheel bearings and water pumps.
  4. Polymer 400N00 applications include bearings, high-temperature applications, water well rigs, wireline downhole tools, wireline vehicles, and pumps for grease injection systems. It is generally used for farm machinery and in industrial, automotive, marine, and manufacturing industries.
Available pack size 100gm, 1Kg, 20Kg


Chemical Composition Lithium Complex Thickner, fluoromated with LIQUILON
Color Light Green
Specific Gravity 0.856
Viscosity of base oil (cSt @ 40 °C) 154.3
Penetration 400-430
Service Temperature -31°C to + 277°C
Flash Point 277°C
Dielectric Strength 20 kV/mm
Shelf Life 2 Years

Features and Benefits

Resists washout
Provides residual lubrication to critical areas of downhole tools in oil industry.
Premium multipurpose grease for all operations
Service temperature from (-23°C) to (>232°C)


  • The product is made with Liquilon to provide a microscopic lubricating coating.