5min cure epoxy system for bonding and potting

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  1. EL-1061AO is a fast curing epoxy system originally formulated for electronic potting applications.
  2. Due to its ability of withstand cryogenic temperatures, it can be used for applications that undergo extreme low temperatures.
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml,400ml,Bulk
Standards ASTM, RoHS, REACH
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Chemical Composition Epoxy resin
Mixing Ratio by Volume 1 : 1
Color Light Grey
Recommended substrates Metals, Ferrite, Ceramic, Glass, Concrete and Plastics.
Pot Life 5-7min
Full Cure time 12 – 18 hours
Shear Strength >1800 psi
Hardness >70 Shore D
Service Temperature -269°C to 120°C

Features and Benefits

5min pot life
Excellent dimensional stability
Withstands cryogenic temperatures.


  • This is a multipurpose product for bonding,potting and encapsulation applications.
  • Available in convenient 50ml dual cartridges


EL-1061AO Rapid cure epoxy compound for electronic component potting and bonding applications

EL1061 is low viscosity, self levelling, rapid curing epoxy adhesive, suitable for bonding and potting applications in electronic components. Product availability in dual cartridge system, ensures the consistency of mixing and eliminates the hassles involved in manual mixing.