Multipurpose, slow curing, transparent epoxy

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Application Tips

  1. EL-1500SL is a slow setting general purpose epoxy adhesive used in sheet metal cladding,electronic potting and bonding of dissimilar surfaces such as ferrites,metals,ceramic,marble,glass,concrete,wood and some plastics.
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 10:1 mix Kit in different pack sizes
Standards ASTM, RoHS, REACH


Chemical Composition epoxy resin
Mixing Ratio by Volume 100 : 32
Color Transparent
Recommended substrates Metals, Ferrite, Ceramic, Glass, Concrete and Plastic.
Pot Life >200 min
Full Cure time 3-5 days @ room temperature
Shear Strength 3400 psi
Hardness 70 Shore D
Service Temperature -65°C +150°C

Features and Benefits

It forms a clear bondline hence suitable for glass bonding and cladding applications.
Slow setting time allows bonding of very large surfaces and part repositioning.


  • It has very low exotherm, hence excellent for high volume applications.
  • It is long curing time,for applications requiring faster throughput,it is recomended to use alternate heat curing.Schedule is available in Techncial Data Sheet