High strength, tough epoxy

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Application Tips

  1. Loxeal 36T-10 is an epoxy system used in a range of applications that include but is not limited to potting in medical equipments, structural bonding, electrical insulation and many more.
Replaces boltrivetssolderingbrazing
Available pack size 50ml,400ml,Bulk
Standards ISO,RoHS, REACH
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Chemical Composition Part A: epoxy resin
Part B: amine
Curing Mechanism Polymerization on mixing of Part A & Part B .
Mixing Ratio by Volume 2 : 1
Color Part A : Clear/Colourless
Part B : amber
Recommended substrates Metals, Ferrite, Ceramic, Marble, Glass, Concrete and Plastic.
Pot Life 90 – 150 minutes
Functional Cure time 12 – 24 hours
Max gap fill 0.1 – 2.0 mm
Shear Strength 12- 14 N/mm²
Service Temperature -40°C +80°C

Features and Benefits

Very good mechanical resistance under static or dynamic loads.
High viscosity, solvent free.
Offers very high electrical insulation


  • No shrinkage after cure.
  • The product forms an elastic bond line that offers very good shock and impact resistances